About us

Portico Productions is a full-service production and marketing agency. We cover all stages of production from idea generation, filming, editing to distribution and promotion for different genres including comedy, viral videos, LGBT content and entertainment news. We also offer experiential marketing services to help brands build personal connections with existing and prospect customers.


Based in Taipei, Portico Productions is a division of Portico Media which is founded by Founder and CEO Jay Lin 15 years ago. We are a team of experienced professionals who are passionate about discovering fun and innovative ways to produce and promote digital content. Being the long-time trusted partner of various global leaders in media and entertainment, we tackle language barriers and cultural differences to produce quality content for target audiences.


Giving back to the community is high on our priority list. We’re running the one and only LGBTQ focused online streaming service in Asia — "Gagaoolala - Find YourStory" . Our commitment to stand up for diversity, inclusion and equality is a huge part of our identity and we look forward to finding new ways to contribute to society.